Achieving 100% Clean Energy: Foundational Principles for Bold Action

Bold action is needed to mitigate effects of climate change and to achieve the goal of 100% clean energy nationally by 2050, reaching a 50% milestone by 2030. In addition to reducing carbon and other harmful pollutants, clean energy provides economic, public health and societal benefits.

Our foundational principles are a starting point to guide and align our collective efforts to significantly increase energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage and other supporting clean energy technologies.

These principles, informed in part by the inaugural IREC Vision Summit, held March 6, 2019, reflect a commitment on the part of all signatories to work collaboratively and with thoughtful intention to ensure the clean energy economy is inclusive, equitable and reflective of the rich diversity of the United States.

We invite organizations to sign on to these principles by sending a confirmation email with your organization’s logo to [email protected]. Individuals are also welcome to sign on.

Vision Summit Principles